Terms & Conditions - Treatment Bookings,  Gift Vouchers & Product Purchases

Payments made to the Company (“Self Balance Holistic Health”) for treatments, gift vouchers and products can be made using Cash, Bank Transfers or PayPal.

A purchase can be made using any combination of Gift Vouchers, Cash, Bank Transfers and PayPal.


A. Treatment Bookings

If a Therapist is not available at the time of your treatment and a cancellation notice has not been issued by the Company, a refund of one hundred percent (100%) of the deposit of the treatment will be issued to the Customer.


If the Customer has a Gift Voucher for a treatment, the Customer must call the Company directly to arrange the booking.


The Company does not allow reservations for treatments to be made without a deposit in the form of a Bank Transfer or PayPal payment.


A deposit of $30 will be taken at the time of the booking – the balance will be payable at the end of the booked treatment session.


If more than 24 hours’ notice is given via a cancellation request, then a refund for the deposit amount will be forwarded to the Customer.


Any no shows or cancellations with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice will not receive a deposit refund.


B. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are not refundable or redeemable for cash, in part or in whole.

A gift voucher can only be used as an alternate payment method for a treatment. If the value of the gift voucher does not cover the cost of the treatment, the excess must be settled by the Customer on conclusion of the treatment. No credit or change will be given for any unused part of the gift vouchers value.

Gift vouchers have an expiration date of 3 years after the purchase of the voucher. Expired gift vouchers are non-refundable, in part or in whole.


C. Product Purchases


Products that are considered seasonal, discontinued, limited-time offers (LTO), or special promotions cannot be returned.


Products are only returnable if:

  • The product is unopened and unused;

  • Packaging and labelling have not been altered or damaged;

  • The product expiration date has not elapsed;

  • The products and packaging are in a condition that the product can be accepted by another Customer following repurchase.


The Company will refund one hundred percent (100%) of the purchase price of products that are returned by the Customer within twenty-eight (28) days of purchase from the Company, less shipping costs, if the Customer has a change of mind with regards the purchase.


To obtain a refund for returned products, the Customer must comply with:

  • Approval for the return must be received from the Company prior to the return of the shipment to the Company.  This approval must be requested by email or completion of the online enquiry form. The Company will provide the Customer with the correct procedures and location for return of the products;

  • The actual return shipment must be accompanied by the original sales order reference and Customer name;

  • If products are purchased as part of a kit or package the kit or package must be returned in its entirety;

  • Return shipping costs are covered by the Customer.


The Company will exchange products if the returned product is received by the Customer in a transit, damaged condition. Such products must be returned within seven (7) days of receipt.


If a replacement product is not available the Company will provide a credit of one hundred percent (100%) of the purchase price for each item that is returned by the Customer, less shipping costs.